‘Care for Comfort, Care for the Ocean’

AntiRoll is a roll damping system for yachts in excess of 30 metres. It provides stabilization both underway and at zerospeed without any compromise of performance in either circumstance thanks to its unique, dual-axis fin stabilizer, which rotates whilst sailing and flaps at anchor.

AntiRoll-Stabilizer-Fin-DMS-holland stabilisatoren voor jachtenAntiRoll-Stabilizer-Fin-1-dms-holland stabilisatoren voor jachten

The curved, high-aspect ratio fin significantly reduces the drag by between 50 and 75 percent whilst sailing which in turn has a positive impact on the fuel consumption. In addition, with the fin flapping at zerospeed as opposed to rotating, a greater lifting force is generated providing a more stable platform. Of particular interest for sail yachts, the fin is also retractable and can be partly folded back in to the hull. This leaves only minor resistance whilst sailing – a feature welcomed by sailing enthusiasts and which solves well known problems related to non-retractable fins. AntiRoll uses an innovative hybrid drive system resulting in relatively low power requirements.

A combination of towing tests, model tests and experts have confirmed that the AntiRoll system will deliver better performance, both in terms of stabilization and resistance through the water. This low resistance through the water makes AntiRoll ‘greener’ than any other system.

AntiRoll is developed in collaboration with well known parties such as MARIN, TNO and TU Delft and patented.

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