In 2018, Sea Front SA became dealer of FRANCE HELICES for its SDS propulsion and surface piercing propellers in Greece, Balkans and Cyprus. FRANCE HELICES is one of the world’s leading authorities in marine propulsion.

FRANCE HELICES’ SDS is a complete propulsion package that includes drives, propellers, integrated control panel, hydraulics and steering equipment, emergency back up system, cardan shafts, coupling flanges, indicators and sensors.

The advantages of SDS compared to other conventional propulsion systems are

  • 15 % speed increase
  • tremendous steering capacity at high speed
  • U turn in 2 boat lengths
  • the ability to use the boat in shallow water
  • guaranteed performance
  • reduced maintenance cost
  • the opportunity to carry out the maintenance by yourself without qualified engineering
  • the small amount of spare parts to keep in the inventory
  • a world wide assistance in 24 hours for spare parts and technicians

There are 10 different models in order to choose the most suitable based on your yacht.