SPC works both as a positioning system that maintains the course of the anchored ship, providing thus unrivalled comfort and as a stern thruster that eases the maneuvers. Energy-efficient and quiet, it is positioned at the stern of the vessel on the transom, thus avoiding any appendices to navigation.

Interfaced together with an electronic compass, SPC has been designed to be easy to use. The gear responds thanks to an included and ergonomic remote control on which one can set the boat’s position by pushing a button. Then, whenever the ship gets from 3 to 4 degrees apart its initial preset course, the electronic compass automatically starts the pods either port or starboard, to reposition the boat. It also calculates the speed for the pods that best matches the vessel drifting. When the yacht has recovered its original preset direction at anchoring, the system stops to restart according to the boat moves around the anchor.

Also thanks to the remote control functions, SPC can be used as an assistant to manoeuvers at any time exactly like a stern thruster does. Whether one is in a congested sea area or heading back to the harbour, SPC can be used in full power as an helping tool for trajectories and manoeuvers. Likewise, in case of suffering damage of engine, tiller, rudder, propeller and gearbox, SPC allows to undertake one’s manoeuvers with serenity.